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About Us

This website “filitrastore” is a free public information and educative website launched by Fortune Healthcare. The purpose of this informative website is to disseminate accurate information that is all related to Filitra medications, specially composed for impotent men globally. The website is managed by Fortune Healthcare and aims in providing all the authentic information to impotent men with every aspect of the drug. This website does not sell any drugs, medications and is not any other online store.

There are thousands of websites providing details of Filitra medicine and each one is adding their own version to it. However, this informative website by the manufacturer stops the confusion created for patients and provides them with all the factual data related to their impotency treatment.

Filitra medicine is the most trusted brand manufactured by Fortune Healthcare for the past 10 years in India. It is the most effective ED medication with guaranteed outcomes. The company is able to deliver its promise owing to usage of high quality and pure ingredients in the medicine.

This website concentrates on offering enormous and reliable information about the medical solutions for men that are suffering from lots of trouble in their day-to-day life. Our website allows you to know about medications and about impotence condition as while. Complete information about Filitra shall help you to treat your issue from core efficiently. This medicine composed in various forms and strengths varying from 10mg to 40mg help men to choose best reliable solution for themselves. 

Filitra medicine composed of Vardenafil is effective API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) that helps in delivering potential results by aiding sexually stimulated men for attaining a stiffer erection for a long period. Component in the medicine helps an impotent man to get penile erection by boosting up flow of the blood and loosening arterial blockages in the penile. This action mechanism of the medicine allows men for attaining and maintaining penile erection for a longer time.

Both psychological and physical condition in men can lead to impotence issue like erectile dysfunction. provides complete knowledge about this branded medicine that is also known for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension in men and women. Proper consumption of this medicine as prescribed delivers best safe and effective outcomes. Medicine is composed in various forms of conventional tablet and sublingual tablet for oral consumption.

We believe that information is a very powerful tool and with the proper information, you can find out best treatment for impotence condition.